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Notes about linux onto the last ibooks

l.u. 07/12/2002
Brief. Just some line of text for explaining what most people keep asking.

Nov 2002: Apple reviews its iBooks. More powerful CPUs, larger disks, cheaper price, but expecially new graphic cards. Jesus how much problems this gave to linux.

Seems that more and more mac users like to try linux on their macs. Speed? mah.
What means anything here is that who tried debian onto the latest "radeon 7500 ibooks" experienced huge problems.

Benh (k dev) and Michel Daenzer (X dev) tried resolving this problems asap. Refer to the official debian's ppc ml for more infos.
Well, it seems that now stuff is been fixed with some trick, and the latest benh kernel will resolve temporary this problems. At the time of this writing, Ben is expecting some data (specs and possible some code) from ATI, which seems to be quite lazy.

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