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Linux/PPC FAQs

l.u. 08/12/2002

These are supposed to be read after a Linux/PPC installation.


  1. How differs Linux' PPC port from x86 one?

    They basically go always one with the other. PPC port is one of the most actives, but you could experience some delay for some package.
    Of course kernel is quite different, due to hw differences.
  2. Where do I get PPC kernels?

    ppckernel.org releases precompiled packages. If you like better sources, go www.penguinppc.org.
    There are many branches. Benjamin Herrenschmidt's ones are often the better, being most up-to-date.
  3. How about videos?

    Mplayer code is well-written and you can build it under ppc too. Xine works well too.
  4. Is there some Java Machine for linux PPC?

    There's BlackDown project: www.blackdown.org.
    You could try building it yourself, but I stronly recommend you to get precompiled packages.
  5. Why my browser doesn't show flashes?

    Macromedia didn't release its stable flash plugin for ppc. You must use a standalone player like "flashplayer" from Robert Millan.
    Someone is currently working on a fully opensource flash plugin, however. Be patient.

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