SystemC tutorial

l.u. 19/09/2006

This page holds some introductory material about the SystemC modelling language. It is mainly slides and examples. They have been written for supporting an introductory course on SystemC. Because they're made for supporting a speech, there is no guide throughout the examples in this html page itself.

There are three utilities:

The slides for installing and using the SystemC library make little benefit for who already has some skills with compiling (installing external libraries, compiling/linking against them, paths et cetera).

For SystemC examples, there are README.txt files throughout the package as a reference. They describe what's what in the package, and they document every example individually.

The slides introducing the C++ language cover all the basics of C++, with a slight focus on those aspects that come often into play when coding C++ for SystemC. The idea is that one who's beginning SystemC with no knowledge of both SystemC and C++, should be able to get starting with some solid fundamentals.

Using and distributing

All the material linked directly in this page (the material) has been invented, designed and written by me.

The material is link-ware; this is explained as follows.

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The material

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