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Some pictures

People don't like to read documentation. Watching some shots is much more light. This is more for entertainment than for demonstration. By the way, look at these as what you prefer. Here they are.


The pictures (that will be) here want to give a rapid idea of the hw aspect of the ibook. This isn't sponsorship; I just like this machine and want to make jealous laptop-pc owners :P.


Some shots.

Wmaker Free Naked Window Maker. Dock on the right and clip on the right-bottom is purely use of mine. This is the fastest arrangement I experienced so far. [big is 372K]
Officing apps (still) under wmaker. You can see (some piece of) OpenOffice 1.0 for ppc, gqview, gnumeric. The first one run actually fine, unlike what I've been expecting from it. [big is 236K] Wmaker Officing
Wmaker Multimedia Using Window Maker for multimedia work. Mplayer works well, while having optimization problems thanks to our soundcard driver. (Compile it with gcc 3.0!)
Grip rippungs are good as well. iBook2's cdrom drive lets it speeds of 5-6x while ripping; combined with encoding CPU slow down to 2-3[-4]x. [big is 236K]
Regarding network applications, if you come from x86 linux you know enough. For dialup users the life could be annoying (alpha drivers, you know...), but if you're browsing from a local network with your ethernet interface, you can be sure you won't have any sort of problems. Device is fast, and drivers are fine. [big is 220K] Wmaker Net
Resources monitors Here you can take a look of some battery status monitors available under debian. From left: wmapm (in the dock), lm_batmon + lm_batmon_penguin, xbatt + xbatt -withdraw (5th at left of the clip), pmumon and xbattbar (line on the very bottom of the screen). The yellow message centered appears when mouse pointer goes on xbattbar's line.
This is a shot of the (beautiful) Gnome2 desktop. Thanks to Michel Daenzer for this one. [big is 420KB] Gnome2
Gimp1.3 on Gnome2 Gimp 1.3 running on Gnome2. Thanks to Michel for this one too. [big is 424KB]

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